Four Questions for our Four Interns

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Four Questions for our Four Interns

Every summer, Harbor View Advisors hosts a class of summer interns. We invite them into the world where investment banking intersects with consulting, pulling them into deals to work side by side with our team on everything from meticulous research to the fast pace that comes with closing deals.  

They get to experience it all: the collaboration, the strategic thinking - and the spreadsheets.

Before they jumped into what’s next, we took a moment to find out what our 2016 interns valued most from their time with us this summer. 

Here’s what they had to say:

Jennifer Howson
Junior at Vanderbilt University

Q: What did you work on that was valuable to your life and experience?
A: I learned to convey my findings in the most concise and clear way possible, which I think will serve me in whatever career I pursue.  

Avery Geehr
Junior at Georgetown University

Q: What did you value most about this internship?
A:  I appreciated the mentorship the most. Having a junior and senior mentor provided me with two very different special and important relationships that went beyond just the work at hand.  I always felt more like a team member than a summer intern.

Luke Georgiadis
Junior at University of Virginia - McIntire School of Commerce

Q: What was the most important takeaway from your internship?
A:  Our "Lunch and Learn" sessions allowed me to see that the most successful professionals are able to extract value and better themselves through diverse experiences.  I believe this will stick with me as I return to school and progress in my career.

Anne Zehil
Senior at University of Florida - Warrington College of Business Administration

Q: How did your summer at Harbor View impact you from a personal or professional perspective?
A:  I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship at Harbor View from both professional development and personal perspectives. Harbor View’s entire team took an interest in involving me in a meaningful way in ongoing engagements and gave me assignments that added value to existing projects.  I believe I received real-world experience in a welcoming and sincere environment.

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