Harbor View Heads to the 2016 HR Technology Conference

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Harbor View Heads to the 2016 HR Technology Conference

We are headed to Chicago for the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference to meet with inspiring companies on their path to growth. We hope to see you there too, as this year’s conference has us truly excited for the future of the space in terms of innovation, opportunity and growth.

There’s never been so much focus on new entrants into the HCM tech space, but sessions like How the HR Technology Landscape Is Changing: The Silicon Valley VC View are proof positive that smart money is paying attention to an industry that is ripe for disruption.

This year’s agenda points to the growing focus on employee engagement, a more holistic view of wellness and further disruption in the traditionally distributed and managed employee benefits space. Below, we’ve listed a few sessions we’re excited to attend, as well as tagged a few recently published insights on each topic.

Sessions on employee engagement we look forward to:
Read our take on trends around Engaging Today’s Workforce


Sessions of interest focused on wellness:
Read our take on Building a Healthy Bottom Line


Sessions dedicated to disrupting the traditional employee benefits ecosystem:
Read our take on Breaking Trends Disrupting the  Employee Benefits Industry


Please send us a note to set up a meeting - We hope to see you in Chicago.

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