Carolyn Mathis and Shatara Troy Featured in UNF Journal

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Carolyn Mathis and Shatara Troy Featured in UNF Journal

The University of North Florida (UNF) Journal recently profiled Carolyn Mathis, Partner, and Shatara Troy, Vice President, in an article highlighting the success of UNF's mentorship program. 

Below is an excerpt describing their mentor/mentee experience and a link to view the full article.

Opportunity Knocks
For Carolyn Mathis, a partner at Harbor View Advisors and a Coggin mentor, the matching of students and their business partners is critical and one of the key reasons the Coggin Mentoring Program is effective.

In fact, Mathis’ mentorship was so successful that she ended up hiring her mentee. Shatara Francis-Troy, ’10, ‘13, who was paired with Mathis in 2012-13 while a graduate student, is now a vice president at the Ponte Vedra investment banking and consulting company.

Francis-Troy grew up in the Bahamas and didn’t know much about UNF. She just knew that Florida was the farthest she would travel from her close-knit family for school. “I picked it off the internet. I’d never been to Jacksonville,” she said. “From the start, it was so welcoming.” Her goal was to return to her homeland to run her father’s HVAC installation and service business. “He knew I wouldn’t,” she said.

After working at Fidelity Investments for a year after graduation, Francis-Troy returned to UNF for an MBA, torn between accounting and finance. “I wanted to be a part of the mentor program because I wanted to connect with someone on the other side, someone who made those decisions and saw how they played out in life,” she said.

Mathis spent 20 years on Wall Street including 12 with Goldman Sachs & Co. “I came into this knowing what I wanted to learn from her [Mathis],” said Francis-Troy. What I did not expect was how she filled gaps I had not realized in my development and my understanding of my career.”

“I was impressed with her immediately,” Mathis said. “Ours was successful because Shatara came into the relationship with good ideas about what she was hoping to get out of it, and she was the one who initiated our meetings.”

During the official first year of their mentorship, Mathis was careful to remain a mentor and not become a recruiter.

After the mentorship ended, Mathis invited Francis-Troy to get experience in investment banking at her firm.

“Without the mentor program, Carolyn and I never would have met and I wouldn’t have known that investment banking is something I like and am actually good at,” Francis-Troy said. “Investment banking appealed to my personality much more than I expected it to.”

Mathis said the program is an excellent way to connect students with the business community. “It’s a very strong program that gives them a better perspective of the real world and what the industry is like in their field of interest.”

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