Catalyst for Corporate Development

For Corporations

Consider us an experienced extension of your team, guiding the process end to end.

We support the ongoing challenge of running your M&A program by delivering a new level of insight and execution to corporate development. As your advisor, we apply our Catalyst for Corporate Development methodology to expand your team’s bandwidth to drive acquired growth.

Catalyst for Corporate Development

Through Catalyst, we blend a strategic consulting approach with investment banking execution. We work with your team to understand your strategy, establish your M&A objectives, prioritize targets, articulate your M&A message and launch an outreach that results in successful transaction closing and integration.

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We're big on listening.

Every M&A program is unique. That’s why we bring a listen-first approach to understanding your strategy, establishing your M&A objectives, prioritizing your targets, developing your M&A message and launching an outreach that results in successful transactions and integrations.

Learn how we can support your most successful and proactive M&A program yet.

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