What did she do during her internship?

What did she do during her internship? Emily interned with Harbor View during her gap year and participated in research for a strategic consulting project and created a methodology for scoring a company's M&A Brand.

How did her internship experience help her with her career progression?

There are two major ways in which my internship at HVA has impacted my path to becoming a full-time analyst in the Public Finance Investment Banking division at BAML. First, the confidence that I gained from what I had learned during my internship and the support that I felt from my HVA mentors was invaluable to me during the recruitment process. I had a strong grasp of the investment banking industry and even felt comfortable using industry terms, none of which would have been possible without my internship. The second major way that HVA has helped me end up where I am today is by helping me better understand what to look for in a prospective work environment. One of the reasons that I am going into public finance rather than corporate finance is because it is a much smaller team. In the public finance division, I had the opportunity to work closely with the directors and managing directors on every deal. I knew from my time at HVA how valuable it was to have that kind of access to people with so much more experience and expertise than me and that is a major reason that I ended up choosing this particular job over others.

Where is she now?

Emily graduated from Harvard University and is now a Public Finance Analyst with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.