What did he do during his internship?

Jack researched and analyzed trends in Private Equity. His sub-industry area of focus was on rewards and recognition & performance management.

How did his internship experience help him with his career progression?

The Harbor View internship was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had so far in advancing my career. The partners truly want to see every intern succeed at whatever career is best for them - I remember several one on one meetings with Carolyn dedicated to helping me figure out my future in trading, even though that would obviously mean I wouldn’t be returning to Harbor View. She gave me invaluable advice and also helped connect me to another person in the area who would help guide me through the recruiting process and offer impartial advice once it came time to make a decision. I honestly don’t think there is any internship in the area that would have been better for my career or personal development.

Where is he now?

Jack graduated from Vanderbilt University and is a Sales and Trading Analyst with Citigroup in New York.