What is one of your fondest memories or experiences during your HVA internship?

I had the opportunity to attend a Florida Venture Forum event in Jacksonville, where I gained industry insights on emerging technologies and networked with key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region. The event was eye opening from a content perspective and seeing the many great things developing in the Jacksonville area resonated with me.

How has the HVA internship helped you in your current position, and/or as you seek to further your career?

Completing the HVA internship was the perfect way to onboard as a full time Analyst. Throughout the summer, I assumed a hands-on role on live deals and extended my professional network and knowledge via attending “lunch and learns” and various event forums. My internship experience helped me to learn the basics of moving deals forward and gain insight on the technology and services middle market that we serve.

Where is he now?

Nick graduated from the Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida and is an Associate at Harbor View. In 2021, Nick was appointed to the Chemo Noir Board of Directors.