2018 Corporate Development Outlook & Management Trends

Corporate Development

February 2019 — By Tyler Lamer

Corporate Development practices have evolved significantly in response to a bullish market, increased competition from private equity and ongoing technology disruption. Merrill Corporation recently surveyed participants in a webinar focused on 2018 M&A outlook and corporate development management trends. This infographic illustrates their outlook on upcoming M&A activity.1

Some key highlights were:

  • 44% Increased Inorganic Growth (Answer to: Where are funds to be deployed?)
  • 46% Ensuring successful acquisition integration (Answer to: Greatest internal management challenge?)
  • 73% Sector specific experience (Answer to: Most important in choosing an advisor?)

At Harbor View Advisors, our CATALYST for Corporate Development solution answers the call to support these trends and outlooks on M&A Activity in the market.

DOWNLOAD the infographic.

2018 Corporate Development Outlook & Management Trends (Feb 2018). PDF file. https://www.merrillcorp.com/us/en/insights/blog/corporate-development-2018-outlook-and-trends-infographic.html