Integration is for Closers: Harbor View Advisors M&A Integration Series (Part III)

Corporate Development

April 2019 — By Tyler Lamer

This three-part series outlines the key components for a successful integration.

In Part I, we discussed how to kick off the integration by first identifying the type of integration required and secondly how to build a suitable team to run the integration. Part II focused on the strategic steps required to make the vision come together and Part III will take us beyond the integration.

Part III: Implementation and Beyond

By this point in the integration, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is not the time to pop the cork but you might want to pour yourself an extra cup of coffee. It’s more imperative than ever before in the process to stay focused and keep moving, as there is still a lot to be done.

The implementation portion will be the most grueling. The integration team will not only have to deal with the actual execution itself, but they will now be faced with the people portion of the merger, which is arguably the toughest. Emotions run high when employees begin to navigate their own way through the new company vision. The integration team will need to be patient and open minded as they go through this part of the process. There may be times they will need to shift their thinking based on unexpected findings and that’s ok. Management should continue to support and encourage the integration team to keep communication open and consistent, stay organized, focused and maintain their swift pace to keep the merger on the track to success.

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M&A Integration goes beyond integrating systems and processes; it involves revising some, if not most, of your overall business strategy, combining and cultivating your corporate culture and will impact the employees more than any other initiative. Seldom do companies have internal resources who have had managed multiple mergers in their careers. Harbor View Advisors combines the best of management consulting and investment banking to help our clients see what’s possible and put them on the path to achieve their goals. Our experience enables us to anticipate internal and external stakeholders’ reactions and facilitate the end goal for the combined companies within minimal disruption.

If you’re considering embarking on or are in the early stages of a merger and need additional support, we would love to hear from you.