Meet our Virtual Intern Class of 2020

June 2020 — By Harbor View Advisors

Our 2020 intern class has been one of our most unique experiences thus far at Harbor View.  We have onboarded all 7 of our interns remotely as we continue to navigate this global pandemic. Because we still wanted to afford these remarkable interns the opportunity to participate in the program, Harbor View had to step up a little more creatively to keep them educated, engaged and enthusiastic.

Below are some of the ways we have executed our virtual program this year:

  • Predictive Index Assessments – Behavioral assessment tool to quickly get interns up to speed on how best to work together
  • Remote Lunch and Learns – Weekly overviews of the ins & outs of investment banking and other finance roles
  • Virtual Community Events – Chemo Noir Virtual Race to provide financial support to cancer fighters, their families, and friends
  • Virtual Coffee Chats – Weekly sessions to get to know the full HVA team
  • Team Huddles – Daily sessions with designated team to keep on task with project work and priorities

Introducing the class of 2020:


Suzi, Florida State University

How has your team kept everyone connected amidst social distancing?

My team has a daily phone call to touch base on new developments, latest projects, and run through an overall progress update. Each day is different, so time to connect in the morning, even for just a few minutes has been incredibly helpful. The firm as a whole has done a remarkable job of keeping everyone connected, even from home. The team dynamic is most definitely alive, even though remotely working.

Amann, Wake Forest University

What is the most interesting thing you have learned during your internship?

Being on the Professional Services team, I've gotten a great opportunity to dig an inch wide and a mile deep in a niche industry that I knew nothing about just a few weeks ago. It's been super interesting to learn how to approach developing a comprehensive understanding of an industry that doesn't get much mainstream publicity.

Ria, Scripps College

What is your favorite drink to sip on during team coffee chats?

Hibiscus or Lemon tea! These calls are late at night for me, considered that I am in India.

Jack, Denison University

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far? 

My favorite part about the internship so far is the fact that every team member is willing to go above and beyond to help!

Zach, Florida State University

What are you the most excited about for the remainder of your internship?

Learning more about financial statements and working as a part of the team on live deals and other projects.

Rachel, Davidson College

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

Getting to know the whole team (even though it's over the phone and in Zoom meetings) has been really cool. Everyone has such different backgrounds and experiences!

Harrison, Princeton University

Where is your favorite place to take a Zoom meeting? 

Depends -- I've created a three-monitor setup in an office upstairs where I like to take video calls, but if the Zoom call is purely audio, I'll usually take it while walking on the treadmill. I've created a treadmill desk so I can work on the laptop while I walk.



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