Part 1: Navigating the Crisis: Critical Information for Businesses with 500 or Fewer Employees


March 2020 — By Harbor View Advisors

Harbor View recently hosted a panel discussion on pertinent facts to help small businesses understand the obligations and opportunities navigating the impact of the Coronavirus.

Topics included: 

  • Employer obligations of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
  • Tax credits available in the FFCRA and the new timeline for tax payments
  • Emergency small business loans that are currently available

Click the links below to access the webinar and slides:

View the Recorded Webinar

Download the Webinar Slides

Please feel free to pass these along to colleagues who may be interested, or contact us with questions.

DISCLAIMER: This webinar is intended solely to provide information to the public. The views and opinions expressed as part of this webinar are being shared with viewers who would like to learn more on the implications of the Coronavirus and its impact on small businesses. The presenters in the webinar are unaffiliated and acting independently of one another.