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Finding growth. Acquiring results.

In this M&A market, the competition for the best targets is fierce. Companies that don’t have a proactive strategy are left reacting to what comes their way—whether it fits their objectives or not.

Harbor View augments internal M&A teams to provide expertise, strategy and proven methodologies for growth through acquisition. By working with Harbor View, company leaders don’t leave this critical part of their business to chance.

Putting strategy in action

To win the deals you want, your company needs more than just a strategy. It needs a holistic perspective and process. We created the Catalyst for Corporate Development methodology to help our clients enhance and transform their M&A programs.

  • Strategy | Combine vertical knowledge with buy and sell-side experience to first determine where acquisitions fit with the client’s overall strategy.
  • Intelligence | Create acquisition strategies that reflect our client’s objectives and the opportunities in their industries.
  • Execution | We complement that strategy with a proactive process aimed at identifying the right deals and capital structures, and closing deals seamlessly.

Understanding starts with listening

Every M&A program is different. That’s why we bring a listen-first approach to understanding each one, establishing objectives, prioritizing targets, and launching an initiative that results in successful, impactful transactions.

Empowering companies and investors

Although Harbor View works with companies of all sizes and in all stages of their development, our corporate development solution is particularly beneficial to companies with $1 billion to $3 billion in revenue. These organizations are large enough to warrant a structured M&A program, and in many cases have an executive or small team working on development. They typically don’t have all of the resources or infrastructure needed to identify, vet and execute transactions.

Whether working with growing companies or private equity teams, we approach corporate development as a partnership. We work closely with M&A teams to build mission-aligned strategies focused on smart growth through smart acquisitions. Drawing on our experience in management consulting and investment banking, we consider how a potential acquisition fits with your immediate goals and needs, as well as the more extended vision.

Industry expertise is essential

Our Fintech, human capital, and staffing and professional services experience helps us provide invaluable, industry-tailored advice to improve your corporate development strategy. We draw on our large network of companies and advisors in key verticals to keep a pulse on the industries and understand the unique challenges and opportunities on the horizon and how they apply to our clients.

Highlights of our vertical expertise include:

  • Fintech

    Harbor View has worked with technology companies focused on financial services space, including lending, insurance and wealth management for more than a decade.

  • Human Capital Management

    Companies are increasingly relying on technology to recruit, retain and manage talent. We’ve been at the front of these human resource innovations while providing clients with industry-specific insights and guidance.

  • Staffing and Professional Services

    The traditional staffing industry is ripe with opportunities for innovation and consolidation. We’ve successfully spearheaded these efforts for multiple staffing and professional service firms.

Proven experience to know what works

Successful corporate development requires understanding how an acquisition fits into an organization’s overall strategy, while also knowing where to unlock additional value or sidestep potential landmines. This is where experience can make all the difference.

Harbor View’s leadership team offers a depth of experience and industry knowledge regarding every stages of corporate development. We know how to work through the nuances that ultimately define any transaction, and we recognize that the real value of an acquisition doesn’t come to light until after the ink has dried.

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