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M&A is in our DNA. Whether an inflection point drives it within the company or changes in the marketplace, the decision to pursue a merger, acquisition or other liquidity events rarely follows a linear course. Drawing on decades of investment banking experience, Harbor View balances the needs of owners and stakeholders, while also keeping an eye on industry trends and market conditions.

The right approach gets the right results

The catalysts for pursuing a transaction vary as much as the underlying businesses. That’s why Harbor View takes a holistic approach to ensure that the path to liquidity melds with the business model, market landscape and owner objectives.

Expert guidance every step of the way

Harbor View guides company leaders through the entire M&A process, from the initial decision through the last steps of a deal. We draw on our industry insight and transactional expertise to determine the right course of action and work proactively to ensure the best outcome.

We help clients with every facet of the process, from market preparation and outreach to negotiation and due diligence.

Advocating for founders and owners

Harbor View’s M&A clients typically have $10 million to $100 million in revenue and, in many cases, are still owned and managed by the founders or their families. These clients have developed tremendous expertise in their respective businesses, but they need clear and unbiased guidance on M&A. In many cases, our work starts with the question of whether M&A advisory is appropriate. We then examine all the variables at play to determine the best objective and craft a course of action to achieve it.

Advice tailored to your industry

Although Harbor View’s leadership team has experience in a wide range of industries, our focus on Fintech, human capital management, and staffing and professional services offer M&A clients in these verticals an additional edge. Our clients don’t need to bring us up to speed on their industries before the real work can begin; in many instances, we have orchestrated similar transactions and already have a pulse on that corner of the market. What’s more, because we have relationships with companies and advisors in these industries, we can provide our clients with the kinds of timely and nuanced insights they need to understand whether M&A is a viable option—and how to move ahead for the best outcome.

Highlights of our vertical expertise include:

  • Fintech

    We’ve worked with technology companies focused on the financial services space—including lending, insurance and wealth management for more than a decade. Some of our notable FinTech transactions include the acquisition of Platinum Data Solutions by Mercury Network and our work for CBIZ (NYSE: CBZ) in acquiring professional services firms.

  • Human Capital Management

    Technology is rapidly changing how companies recruit, retain and train talent. We’ve been at the leading edge of this change, helping companies navigate M&A deals in the HCM space. For example, we facilitated the acquisition of the non-leader selection business of DDI by PSI and the purchase of Modern Survey by Aon.

  • Staffing and Professional Services

    The traditional staffing industry is ripe with opportunities for innovation and consolidation. We’ve successfully spearheaded these efforts for multiple staffing and professional service firms including the acquisition of Avant Healthcare Professionals by Jackson Healthcare, and the purchase of Meridian Staffing Services by Consulting Solutions International.

Putting a Strategic Plan in Place

A lot needs to happen before a company pursues an M&A path. Our strategic consulting helps founders and owners understand their exit options, get a better sense of competitive landscape and take steps to optimize their current performance so that their future goals are attainable. Learn more about Strategic Consulting.

Finance intelligence for better M&A

Harbor View offers finance leadership and intelligence to help our clients at all stages, but these CFO services can be invaluable for companies contemplating M&A. Partner with our expert team to improve financial operations, gain high-level strategic direction, and improve the outcome of an M&A with better finance intelligence. Learn more about our financial leadership & intelligence.

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