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Our Catalyst for Corporate Development solution augments internal M&A teams to provide a proactive strategy to source, execute and integrate growth through acquisition. 

We bring a listen-first approach to establishing objectives, prioritizing acquisition targets, and launching an initiative that results in high impact transactions. We seek to play an integral role in the lifecycle of an acquisition program from; ideating on potential markets for sourcing, articulating a shared vision that will drive up response rates, to the analysis and project management skills to get the deal done.

In this M&A market, the competition for the best acquisition targets is fierce, and to win the deals you want, your company needs more than just a strategy. It needs a holistic and proactive approach with a sense of urgency to get over the finish line.

We created our Catalyst for Corporate Development methodology to help our clients transform their M&A programs. We combine industry knowledge with buy-side and sell-side experience to improve our clients’ close rates. We are also flexible and understand the evolving elements of a successful strategy, so we can come in at any phase when you need us. Our clients expect Harbor View to drive sourcing, execution and integration.

Our approach. Proactive, holistic or a la carte.

SOURCE | A plan to win. 

We work with your team to design the strategy for a winning Corporate Development plan. We help answer the key questions: What are my product/service gap priorities? Where are competitors advantaged? What assets are available? Under what terms are they available: commercial, investment or buyout? We build the landscape of options in the key vertical markets. Importantly, we then choreograph our approach with a well-articulated message to the target companies. We help to create or support our clients’ M&A Brands. Our best results are a 70% target response rate with at least one LOI in the first 60 days of engagement.

EXECUTE | Get the deal done. 

Our team can hand off the execution or we can jointly engage with our client teams to help drive negotiations and due diligence to close. You know your industry and we know the Corporate Development process. We bring experienced bandwidth to facilitate your organization’s due diligence, evaluation and governance reporting on a target. Our most effective teams realize a 45 day close post-LOI.

INTEGRATE | Realize the promise. 

We know first hand the success of most transactions is found both within spreadsheet cells (synergies) and between the spreadsheet cells (culture) of the deal models. We can hand off integration or work with your team in pre-close integration planning so that post-close has a clear roadmap with accountabilities. The core elements of work includes synergy streams and tracking, plans for merging the cultures or addressing the risky bits and communication plans for internal and external stakeholders. Success is measured in retention, synergy realization and referenceable executives that reinforce our clients’ M&A brands in future sourcing.

Empowering companies and investors

Harbor View works with companies of all sizes and in all stages of their development. Our Corporate Development solution is particularly beneficial to companies with $100 million to $3 billion in revenue. These organizations are large enough to warrant a structured M&A program, and in many cases have an executive or small team feverishly trying to keep up with development. They typically don’t have all the resources or infrastructure needed to identify, vet and execute the volume or complexities of interactions required to optimize acquired growth.

Whether working with growing companies or private equity teams, we approach Corporate Development as a partnership. We work closely with M&A teams to develop mission-aligned strategies focused on tuck-in, bolt-on or transformative acquisitions. Drawing on our experience in management consulting and investment banking, we seek to play a integral role in the lifecycle of an acquisition program from ideating on potential markets for sourcing, to articulating a shared vision that will drive up response rates to the analysis and negotiation and project management skills to get the deal done right.

Cross-industry expertise

Our experience in the niche markets of Fintech, Human Capital Management and tech-enabled professional services helps us to provide unique perspectives across industries. We challenge our clients to defend their strategies and business models in order to hone in on what makes their acquisition strategy truly special and differentiated from both competitors and outperformers in other markets.

Proven experience to know what works

Successful Corporate Development requires understanding how an acquisition fits into an organization’s overall strategy, while also knowing where to unlock additional value or sidestep potential landmines. This is where our experience can make all the difference. 

Harbor View’s leadership team offers a depth of experience and industry knowledge across every stage of the Corporate Development process. We know how to work through the nuances that ultimately define any transaction, and we recognize that the real value of an acquisition doesn’t come to light until well after the ink has dried.

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