Strategic Consulting

Charting a clear path to success.

Company leaders understand the pitfalls of spending too much time working in the business instead of on the business. Organizations of all sizes and in all stages of their development face a similar challenge – how to think strategically about the long-term without losing sight of what is immediately ahead.

Harbor View helps companies map a clear path, wherever it may lead. Because our work spans both management consulting and investment banking, we offer a unique vantage point for assessing the competitive landscape, bringing business objectives into focus and, when the time is right, taking action.

Our approach

Drawing on our experience as entrepreneurs, management consultants and investment bankers Harbor View helps owners align their personal and financial goals with the organization’s business objectives and opportunities.

Through market reviews we pinpoint each client’s strengths and weaknesses, both in the near and the long term. With this intelligence we can:

  • Address owner and company objectives to understand where they align or conflict with the business trajectory.
  • Create pricing and sales studies to optimize business outlooks.
  • Analyze competitors and target market for mergers, acquisitions and other transactions to understand how potential buyers are evaluating companies.
  • Create a roadmap for optimizing business operations, technology and sales to improve business model and/or market valuation.

Our M&A expertise, your advantage

Ready for the next step? With decades of investment banking experience, we can evaluate the current market and future possibilities for your company. Learn more about our M&A expertise.

Discover your path to liquidity

Learn more about Harbor View’s unique process for helping our clients identify the right Path to Liquidity (PTL). 

Download Our Path to Liquidity Approach

Vertical knowledge is power

Our focus on Fintech, human capital management, and staffing and professional services play a crucial role in helping our Strategic Consulting clients in these verticals achieve their full potential. Just as athletes seek guidance from coaches, our clients count on us to help them navigate the nuances of their industries. We work with clients to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, assess the competitive landscape and think realistically about secular and industry trends that impact their businesses.

Because many of our Strategic Consulting clients go on to pursue M&A, this vertical expertise can be invaluable when it’s time to move toward an exit.

Taking your business to the next level

Companies of any size can benefit from an outside—but deeply knowledgeable—perspective on how to create and follow through on a strategic plan that takes them to the next level. While many of our Strategic Consulting clients are early-stage companies looking to transition to the next tier of growth, we work with larger organizations looking to optimize their sales or product development to focus on what is most profitable.

Advisors you can trust

Harbor View tailors its Strategic Consulting work to fit the contours of each client’s business. Even so, our questions and advice are informed by decades of experience guiding companies through various stages of growth, and across virtually every kind of business cycle. Meanwhile, the benefits of working with an experienced advisor adds value even when a company isn’t nearing an obvious milestone. To be sure, some of the biggest breakthroughs for companies often begin with seemingly small improvements in how they approach their operations, sales or development.

What’s your next strategic step? 

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