Diversity & Inclusion in the Funding Ecosystem

June 2020 — By Harbor View Advisors

Last week, Carolyn Mathis joined a discussion hosted by the Florida Venture Forum addressing Diversity and Inclusion within the Funding Ecosystem. 

Over the past few years, and more particularly given the recent social environment, firms have adjusted their focus to create more inclusive domains. Although demographics show an increase in diversity and inclusion strategies amongst firms, we continue to see some of the underrepresented groups unchanged.

This webinar brought together participants of the Florida Venture Capital ecosystem to discuss obstacles faced by minorities, women, and other marginalized groups. The panelists shared some of their thoughts for a more diverse funding landscape – suggesting that ultimately culture changes will have to be made and go beyond funding to include mentorship and meaningful connections. To view the webinar click below or read this recent article featuring the discussion.



DISCLAIMER: This webinar is intended solely to provide information to the public. The views and opinions expressed as part of this webinar are being shared with viewers who would like to learn about diversity and inclusion in the funding ecosystem. The presenters in the webinar are unaffiliated and acting independently of one another.